All I’m sayin is, y’all had no idea how delighted I was when the hotpot buffets reopened. Sure, there ain’t no more sauce bar thanks to the corona, but you get a waitress coming over with a condiment cart at the press of a button. I ain’t pressed, I actually quite like the tableside service.⠀

Guo Fu Steamboat has been on my must try list for the longest time, and my gaaawwwddd it’s the perfect first post lockdown hotpot buffet. The lunch buffet is reasonable enough at $25.90++, and you get free flow EVERYTHING for two hours straight. Yes, even the xiao long baos. Of course, some things are far more worthy of your stomach’s real estate than others, and the special pork on the left & the premium beef on the right are undeniably worthy. Just look at the marbling, man. That’s decent quality right there.⠀

Unfortunately, the soup bases incur an additional charge, and my choice of the (Super) Male Vitality Soup was an extra seven bucks. Still, service is stellar for a hotpot place, and Guo Fu’s individual hotpots are certainly the new meta during this coronavirus chaos. They don’t really heat up that well, but they are ideal for enforcing social segregation so you don’t get the big coof.⠀

Sure, $25.90 is kind of a lie when you slap on a soup base that starts at $3, but it’s within reason, and it certainly ain’t as extortionate as places like Beau-*COUGH**COUGH**WHEEZE*