Flying Fish with a hint of Shiso and tiny bursts of Tobiko.
9. Tiger Prawn.
10. Negitoro aka Minced Tuna Belly witg Asatsuki Chives.
11. Anago aka Sea Eel.
12. Maguro Maki, Pickled White Radish and custardy Tamago.
13. Meatball Soup.
14. Orange Jelly with Kiwi and Grapes. Topped with Raspberry and Red Wine Sauce.

Great food. Awesome service. Perfect date.

Also experienced a bit of an epiphany eating the Negitoro. Oh. Em. Gee. Never thought myself a Tuna person (I usually go for Salmon) but the creaminess of the minced tuna was incredible, and the inflections of sharp slightly grassy chives helped cut the richness. So. Good!

Thank you @pacamaru1 for once again treating me to a delectable meal. More that that, spending your lunch hour with me made my mid-week mid-day more than perfect! I love youuuuuu!