On the first day of the new year we had lunch at Rempapa. I was determined after walking pass the establishment en route the office alternate days, for I spied celebrity chef Damian mending to operational details almost daily, “thats hands on” I thought.
The service here is great, and the staff are well versed with the menu. If you question why you should pay $17 for nasi lemak, think again because the ingredients used are higher quality and the rice tasted quite novel with a nice refreshing hint of ginger while being “lemak” enough.

Of course my favourite thing out of everything we had was the assorted kueh platter. We had 2 each of the permanent 6 kuehs on the menu and I was delighted to find 3 off the menu kuehs specials with alluring Bandung rose, and yam colors. Trust me you do not want to leave rempapa without trying these precious delightful pieces of sweet Asian delicacies, I can attest to having one of the finest kueh kosui I can remember. Also the Ang Ku kueh here is interestingly pan fried reminding me of Nian Gao.

I cannot wait to revisit for dinner, maybe on Tuesdays where corkage fee is waived.

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