In addition, there is a one-time use of a 10% off promo code for your delivery orders and you can also enjoy free delivery for orders above $60 or a delivery fee of $5 applies.

Besides the individual meal orders, SOUPERSTAR has also curated larger meal bundles for families such as the Daily Joy Bundle (2-3 pax) or the Happy Family Bundle (4-5 pax, priced from $69.80). My wholesome spread from the Happy Family Bundle comes with three medium soup choices, two stews, three popiahs, one bowl of salad, two servings of three-grain rice and two pieces of focaccia bread and garlic focaccia toasts each. Choose from soups such as Souper Shroomy, Classic French Onion to Creamy Thai Tom Yum and mix it up with stews such as Black Pepper Chicken and Braised Beef Brisket to their iconic Asian-burrito inspired popiah with fillings such as Sesame Chicken, Masala Chicken or Seafood Wasabi Mayo.
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