So good!!! Ok the photo is v ugly HAHAHAHA but it’s really good trust me it’s my fav briyani of all time 🥺 (I know I haven’t had that many briyanis but I wouldn’t mind eating this once every week if I could). I love that the rice is soooo flavourful by its own even without the daal – but it tastes even yummier with it. It’s on the sweeter side, and not spicy (would have preferred for it to have some spice but I’m alright w this).

Chicken can sometimes be q drying (personally not a huge fan of chicken) but it goes very well with the daal and the rice. The achar (made with fresh cucumber that yknw is still crunchy) is pretty solid too.

This is something we’d willingly drive all the way to Eunos for, so pls give it a try if you’re in the area!