Update: oh the soggy layer was cheese, yeah nah doesn't keep well at all have it quickly after u takeaway

I believe in comparing a product with its peers in the same category but this place really blurs the line between a fast food chain and an artisanal burger restaurant. The patty is obviously significantly better than those pedestrian chains but they've got a price to match as well. On the other hand it was well done so it doesn't compare to the juiciness of a medium or medium rare burger.

The Portobello was ok but it was many small pieces encased in the batter, idk why I expected one huge piece. There's also a thick soggy layer, between the mushroom and the patty, i didn't realise the batter could absorb so much water. If it's true that their burgers are as good taken away, then this isn't their best work. My brother mentioned that the one he had last time at the shop itself was a lot better too