I have been here on two occasions and while the place has a brilliant concept, it appeared as if they are growing too popular to keep up with the demand so there is major shortfall in service. Poison Ivy is an eatery housed in a vegetable farm in the Neo Tiew area called Bollywood Veggies. It is alfresco dining with kampong vibes, and I heard that the food used to be better.

For an eatery in a vegetable farm, they have limited vegetarian options, with really only one vegetarian main. The menu consists of mostly Indian and Malay fare, with the most popular dish being the Nasi Lemak for 2 pax—although I haven't got to try that yet. Generically everything Indian in their menu is a pretty solid 7/10 at least, and they serve good curries. This is with exception for their fish curry, which turned out to be a strong contender for the worst fish curry I have had in my life. That stuff tasted like my TCM herbal medicine and both my bf and I gagged on it at first bite.

I was pleasantly surprised by the laksa, which was coconut-heavy in the gravy but still delicious. The serving size is on the smaller side and had more ingredients than there was noodles but other than that I wouldn't complain. Price point here is $12 and up for most elaborate mains, and $8 for curries which can be had with rice or oven baked prata ($1). Laksa was $6.

Families may have a better time here as there is a simple sandpit area beside the eatery, where children can play. It isn't the best play area, but it is something they can be distracted with. If you come early enough, you may also be able to explore the vegetable farm which is open to public for free. It gets way to hot in the afternoon so I would advice visiting the farm first before lunch. The restaurant may be nestled in the suburbs but it gets really crowded, so I would recommend making a reservation in advance (days earlier). Service here is terrible so if they tell you a certain slot is fully booked, or they don't take reservations, be sure to press on. On both occasions I was told they can't take my booking but I was given a slot when I called back/ there were tables reserved for others when I arrived. A lot of the staff are simply too lazy to log or organize the bookings.