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You might have known that Ming Kee is famous for their crab beehoon, and I was told that all of Ming Kee chefs had followed a co-partner of Ming Kee to this new restaurant just a few stores away from Ming Kee.
Just like how I like my crab beehoon to be, the beehoon was soaked with crustacean flavor of the crab.. So this was unlike many other crab beehoon which was simply beehoon mixed with crab gravy. The crabs were also huge 1.5kg Sri Lankan crab which was really fresh.. That even the claws had flesh as tender as it's body, and the juices within were characteristically sweet.
Just a comparison with Long Ji's which I earlier posted, I prefer this for the better crab infused beehoon and deeper crustacean flavour in the gravy, although Long Qing's gravy were thicker and heavier in garlic and lard fragrance.