So there are two popular fish soup stalls in Amoy Street Food Centre which calls for really long queues.. sadly, this stall fell short of expectations for me. While indeed the fish was fresh, and the soup was really flavourful, I think I was quite shocked at the presence of bones in the fish. Maybe I’m a picky eater, but it really is gutting to know I can’t eat my fish slices in peace😔 or maybe it is to symbolise freshness? I don’t know the rationale behind leaving the bones in the fish, but I’ve had fresher boneless fish slice soup elsewhere too! I think what’s special about this stall is their special chilli with fermented beans, which gives their fish a whole new taste when dipped into it. Overall, will I really come back to a hawker centre to queue for overpriced fish soup with bones and a small bowl of unique chilli dip? Perhaps not😔