I had my doubts about the #mochidonut since I generally find the chewy consistency boring, but the deep frying brought it to a whole new level. Not only did it make the outside crunchy, adding variety to the texture, but it also served as a great base to absorb the #icecream which doesn't get soggy unlike conventional pancakes/waffles. My friend loved your #mangosoftserve so much he went for an separate cup. And then we were like "what the hell" and went for the #saltedegg mochi donuts with the #peanutsoftserve.

I will most definitely be back for next month's flavour rotation.

1. #MangoStickyRice Mochi Donut 9/10
2. Mango Soft Serve 6/10 (my friend loved it, but I generally just don't have a taste for fruity ice creams. Much preferred the peanut soft serve)
3. Salted Egg Mochi Donuts with Peanut Soft Serve 9/10
4. Hainanese #ChickenRice #Risotto 8/10. Loved it! All the taste of chicken rice with the extra cheesy, creaminess from the risotto.
5. #Mentaiko #Gyoza 7/10
6. Mentaiko #Salmon #AglioOlio 6/10


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