So, tomorrow’s the day we’re back in business boys. After the gym, imma demolish an unfortunate buffet, and Kumo Japanese Dining is looking real good right about now after doing time in jail-uh, I meant it looks real good after a couple of months in lockdown.⠀

Of course, any Japanese restaurant worth their soya sauce would have stellar sashimi, and Kumo certainly delivers on that side. The salmon, swordfish, squid & tuna sashimi I went for was fantastically fresh and gluttonously gratifying after a quick dab of wasabi & soya sauce. The cuts are a bit on the thick side, but you won’t hear this boy complaining.⠀

I sampled their mini katsudon as well and I was quite taken by it. It’s hearty, simple yet savoury, and it’s comfort food at its peak. The tempura vegetables were expertly battered & fried, but the prawns left something to be desired. The size was rather considerable, but it wasn’t fresh and it really showed. The bacon yakitori is, as expected, quite unctuous, but as a whole, the yakitori didn’t impress.⠀

To be fair, Kumo’s menu selection & quality is more than satisfactory considering its entry price of $39.80+ for both lunch and dinner. Slam the sashimi and you’ll most definitely get more than your money’s worth, trust me.