Hopped over to Waa Cow Sushi Bar right after being at Jjigae Jjigae to try out what they have to offer here.

While I did visit Waa Cow Sushi Bar before as a regular customer some time ago, I had skipped trying their Wagyu Beef Bowls — glad that I have had a taste of them yesterday and they are definitely comfort food for the soul made convenient for the folks around the Central Business District; a good place to just treat yourself to during mid-week if one doesn't mind spending a little more for lunch. The Signature Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl is one meant for purists — coming with tender and juicy chunks of Wagyu beef, the sweetness of the meat exudes as one chews on it; already good on its own while each bowl comes with sous-vide egg (that runny yolk that I just can't resist to mix into the rice), tobiko, pickles (which helps to cut through the meatiness) and a knob of wasabi. For those looking for something with a little more flavour, the Mentaiko (which comes aburi-ed; who wouldn't like that stuff!) and Truffle are also equally as good and would satisfy fans of both Mentaiko and Truffle camps without overwhelming the stellar execution of the meat. We also tried the Mentaiko Salmon Donburi (not pictured); a favourite since my previous visit — a smooth and flaky (also generous) slab of salmon with garlic chips at the bottom. The salmon itself is the main star of the show, considering the multitude of textures as one goes all the way down. We also managed to try the Mentai Hokkaido Scallops, a sharing plate featuring nine slices of scallops drizzled with Mentaiko and topped with Tobiko and Spring Onions — the Mentaiko comes torched; similar to the Mentaiko Wagyu Don. The scallops slippery smooth, fresh and with a hint of smokiness and umami flavour from the Mentaiko and the popping of the Tobiko with a bit of pepper that prevents it from being too overwhelming — very hard to stop at just one.

I was impressed by my first visit to Waa Cow Sushi Bar, and I am glad that it was still a good experience for this second visit — still somewhere that is convenient for a good Wagyu Donburi fix in the heart of the Central Business District that is still relatively well-priced. Thanks to Waa Cow Sushi Bar for hosting, and Burpple for the invite!