Sharing plates are the way to go at Classic Rebel, and roasts play a quintessential part in the menu. Bring a party of hungry friends for this one. The Chicken (RM45) is a strong contender, balancing sweet and savoury flavours with its orange chipotle marinade, along with the punch of a smoky finish. When glazing over the menu, don't let the prices stop you from ordering the Lamb Shoulder (RM85) — remember, you are sharing this. We say this because the divine dish is a must-order, boasting meat that will fall right off upon the slightest touch of your knife. With this in mind, visit the hidden gem of a restaurant for a quiet but hearty dinner
surrounded by leafy decor and modern cushioned-chairs.
Avg price per person: RM40
Photo by Burppler Trisha Toh