So I was in the neighbourhood and decided to drop by Dohkie as they were having a promotion, apparently there's something called Cookie Dough Day and apparently that day falls on the 21st of July... so... good for me I guess?

Promotion: For 1 day only, any purchase of a scoop of cookie dough entitles you to 1 free vanilla soft serve on top of it (UP: $2.50). 

Going there at about 1800H in the evening, I was surprised to see quite few people at the shop, perhaps they serve the working crowd in the area? Anyways, as I had not eaten much that day (Was working up an appetite for a buffet; More on that in a later post), my greed took over and I ordered a double scoop (Single: $4 Double: $7 Triple: $9).
I absolutely love Speculoos (Caramelised biscuit) hence that would definitely take 1 scoop and decided to try their original flavour as well, the chocolate chip.

Double Scoop, Speculoos + Original Chocolate Chip + Free vanilla soft serve ($7 + $2.50)
- Each scoop is about the same size as a typical ice cream; Think they use the same scoop
- Very chunky and hearty chunks of cookie dough
- The vanilla soft serve was creamy and light, not too filling / 'jelat'
- Without the vanilla soft serve, the cookie dough may have been far too filling and heaty to consume all at once by 1 person; It looked small when I first got it but seriously... looks can be deceiving.
- Speculoos was just comforting and everything I expected it to be, like taking chunks of speculoos bread spread and gobbling it up but of course, it is a lot less thick than that
- Felt that the original chocolate chip could have used higher quality chocolate chips darker chocolate; A typical chocolate chip flavour to satisfy one's guilty pleasures

Overall, this is the kind of shop that I would go when the cookie cravings hit hard. Considering how the vanilla soft serve helped to balance the sweetness and intensity of the cookie dough, this is definitely not something you want to be eating everyday. Nevertheless, would recommend cookie lovers to try this at least once to change things up a bit.
Price: 6/10
Taste: 8.5/10
Overall: 7.5/10

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