Forget the waffles, the rosemary cones at HAC are where the goodness is at. The cones aren’t as fragrant as certain local ice cream parlours but they hold up really well (none of that nonsense where you’ve queued soooo long for your delicious herby cone and ice cream only to have it crumble in your hands - literally). I love that these cones are thick and soooo crunchy.

On to the ice cream - Vietnamese coffee flavoured ice cream isn’t that common yet, and it’s definitely one of my top picks from the flavours I’ve tried here. It is really aromatic, and hits all the right notes of bitterness, sweetness, milkiness, plus the texture is soooo creamy and good. Plus points that the ice creams here don’t melt in the blink of an eye. My favourite flavour here still remains as coconut (I’ll always go for the coconut affogato), so this comes as my top pick for scoops, before pistachio (shockingly) or the blue pea nori white chocolate. Can’t wait to try the bacio and other flavours!