Every time I’m in Orchard Road I keep thinking, I should go treat myself and have something new… but then I end up coming back here instead, time and time again. It’s my favourite hidden spot for sushi – tucked away in Cold Storage, it’s usually got a couple of seats open even on busy weekends when the rest of the Ngee Ann City food hall is jam packed with people.

And the food? You can get freshly made sushi and donburi at the counter itself, or do what I usually do, and pick up a pack of extremely reasonably priced sushi and sashimi from the display outside. This one in the picture cost me $15 – not exactly dirt cheap, but still way more affordable than anything comparable around.

The sashimi and sushi itself were pretty fresh, firm and all around tasty. I’ve never had a bad meal here; from smaller dons that are about $7 to fancy premium meals closer to $20, it’s been a treat every single time. Plus, if you buy your sushi and eat it there, you get a free cup of hot green tea, which goes perfectly with the meal! That’s one of my favourite parts about it.

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