Yes, it took me this long to try what's supposed to be the best banh mi in SG. This had all the right things going for it: The crisp-fluffy hollowed-out baguette, appetising pickled vegs, mashed meat balls; I also added patê (+$1) and an egg omelette (+$1.80) to complete the experience.

Granted, this is the best among those I've tried in SG, but somehow it's still missing that lip-smacking flavour only found in Vietnam's push carts/food stalls. Here's a tip to somehow replicate that: From their self-service condiments, mix a teaspoon or two (depending on how moist & savoury you'd like it to be) of Viet fish sauce and soy sauce, and drizzle it over the fillings. It's amazing how a little seasoning jazzed up the entire sammie.

Have always past by it but ended up skipping it most of the time; Katong simply has a lot to offer haha. Will keep a mental note to try this soon tho! 😁
Xing Wei Chua I agree! So much goodies in Katong! Can swing by BOP for gelato after that hehe.