Uova in Purgatorio
Really enjoyed how rustic this dish felt β€” nothing is more comforting than having baked eggs in Shashouka-style, but the Uova in Purgatorio stands out from the other Shashouka-style dishes we have had for a simple reason; the way that the toasts go hand-in-hand with the baked eggs. Giving the Shakshouka-style Baked Eggs a good mix, the baked eggs come with a good contrast of flavors β€” the bright tang of the tomato used in the Arrabiata against the slight herb-ish zing from the Pesto, the baked eggs provide a richness to the various elements when mixed together. We particularly enjoyed how the tomatoes in the dish came with a soft bite without feeling particularly squishy, providing the baked eggs with a myriad of textures alongside the roasted bell peppers. Dipping the sourdough toast into the baked eggs, we absolutely loved how the exterior of the toast remains crusty even despite being soaked in all of that tangy and zippy goodness, whilst also providing a good chew β€” a plus point considering how we have had some Shashouka-style baked egg dishes that came with toasts that turn limp after absorbing the sauces. A very well-thought and put-together dish that was simple yet wholesome, but showcasing knowledge and understanding of the various elements that come together which leaves an impression.

πŸ“Έ & ✍🏻 by Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua

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