Located within Wang Jiao coffee shop in Serangoon central, Lao Wang serves up a great variety of yummy claypot dishes that will suit all your palettes. On the table, we had Nonya chap chye ($4.50), ginseng herbal fish soup ($5.30), gong bao chicken ($5.30) as well as preserved vegetables and drinks. Each dish was well-executed and I particularly loved the Nonya chap chye for its sweet broth and tender cabbage leaves. The ginseng herbal fish soup boasts huge fish chunks, fatter than those you get in your San Lou hor fun, and a sweet herbal flavour (without too much ginseng with it) thanks to the generous amounts of wolf berries thrown in. The gong bao chicken is pretty average, but who doesn't love the thick savory spicy sauce and easy-to-bite chicken bits? Overall, the bill came up to be $18 for 2, a really affordable price for so much deliciousness!