Cake O'Clock with Cake Spade’s fluffy Lychee Rose Cake and fudgey Biscoff Cookie Midnight Brownie. 

Diggin’ their pretty-in-pink 2-storey flagship cafe at the foot of Ann Siang Hill, I recall having their signature cheesecakes but this time I got the staff-recommended vanilla angelfood cake with lychee and rosewater cream which was perfect for an after-meal treat. Right up my alley, the slice was refreshing and light. The floral-y flavour of the rose wasn’t too in the face and balanced nicely with the sweetness of the fruit. The Biscoff Cookie Midnight Brownie, in contrast, was rich and chocolatey. Not dense or dry and none too sweet, it didn’t feel jelat in my opinion. There were bits of the caramel-y biscoff cookies studded in the bar too so that added some fun textures to the black cocoa brownie.