My favourite place for mooncakes in Singapore! No gimmicks or wacky flavours.

Their rendition of the mixed nut mooncake one is the one that made me discover my love for such mooncakes. It was filled with nuts, had a nice orange peel taste, and not too sweet. The candied orange peel was really good - it provides that sweet + bitter flavour profile.

For the lotus snowskin, the yolk wasn’t v salty, which is great. The highlight is the snowskin, which was soft and have the hk style banana cake fragrance! The lotus paste within has some nuts (peanut I think?) which gave it more dimension in terms of flavour. Delicious!

The white lotus baked mooncake was great as well, nothing to nitpick about. There were pine nuts in it which gave some crunch. These are great mooncakes to have for Mid-Autumn Festival!