It’s by no means revolutionary: pork and apples, a classic combination, accompanied by sides of mashed potatoes, purple cabbage, and a pommery mustard sauce. But every component is given equal attention and executed perfectly, playing its part in balancing the overall dish and bringing it harmony. The pork chop, though tough under the blade, is extremely juicy and tender when you bite into it. The mash is buttery, smooth, and well-seasoned; the purple cabbage holds a touch of crunch and welcomed accidity; and the mustard sauce unbelievably moreish. What sealed the deal for me though, were the apples. Syrupy, perfumed with vanilla, soft to the bite while retaining its structure and bite, the humble poached apples added a lovely (seriously addictive) sweetness and imho ties everything together perfectly. I’ve had apple purée/roasted apples/apple sauce with pork, but never poached apples — and they work so well I’m surprised I’ve not tried it elsewhere 🤤🤤🤤