Clasped in two, soft and smoked brioche buns were a combination charcoal grilled beef patty and onions, smoked mushrooms and blue cheese. The buns were on the softer side, toasted on the outside and not too buttery, although I personally would prefer it to be more buttered and toasty. Nonetheless, the X factor of this dish needless to say is the thick, juicy beef patty charcoal grilled to perfection. Sometimes experiences are best shared when lived, because words don’t do it justice. When it’s not too hard and not too raw, and when you can still see a subtle pink, you know that these chefs really know how to cook one mean burger. While I admittedly do not really fancy the blue cheese and mushroom combination, I believe it is just a personal taste, and that most people would enjoy or even adore this combination. I would prefer a normal, less adventurous cheeseburger, and I believe that would’ve done the job for me (is it okay for me to admit now that I’m not a big fan of burgers?😣). Even with that aside, I did enjoy this very much.
The fries were also extremely pleasant. I don’t really like fries any thicker than shoestring, but these tempura fries were so crispy to the point that they were addictive! While some may say it seems like long john silver’s fries, I would say that it’s crispness and batter somehow tasted like McDonald’s twister fries! Still, it was very very good and well seasonedπŸ€—
People of the stall were really friendly, and it is an open concept kitchen, where you can see them whipping up dishes and smoking them professionally😊