If you’re in the mood for some sweet crepes, then try Gather’s Burnt Caramel crepe ($14++). It may be a very simple crepe, but the quality of ingredients used is what makes it stand out from that random crepe stand.

Every crepe is freshly made to order and the smell of it reminds you of passing by a crêperie on one of your holidays. The crepe itself is thin, soft and chewy. A pat of Bordier butter, commonly touted to be one of the best butter available, is slathered on the piping hot crepe and allowed to slowly melt.

With the generous sprinkles of confectioner’s sugar and burnt caramel sauce drizzled all around the crepe, you may think that it’ll make you feel jelak (feel sick of eating). But rest assured, it’s nothing quite like that. It’s basically salted caramel that isn’t too sweet, slightly salty and has a smoky taste.

Although the price is a bit on the high side for what it is, it’s worth a try if this is your first visit here.

This is available for takeaway/ delivery during the CB period. So get yours now.