Soft serve flavors came in 3 options - milk, cheese, or twist. I got my $8.50 soft serve in cow cow cheese, topped with a slice of cheesecake and 2 cookies! (Supposedly one but there was a promotion YAY)

Definitely a soft serve of quality, it’s creamy, velvety texture, a taste that is unforgettable and one that you’d wish you could keep on your tongue forever 😍 it’s sweet, milky flavour complemented so well with the slight savory element contributed by the cheeses. 🧀

Cheesecake was a small but substantial piece, just enough for the given amount of ice cream. The cookie flavors were - Salt & Camembert and Porcini & Gouda. Needless to say, they were delightful yummy.

In essence, I loved every single bit of this dessert and it would definitely be a lovely treat for me. 🥰💛