I have always wanted to try Fierce Curry House ever since I first heard about it back in 2013, but it has always been Nirwana - After a while it was Appu, then it was Kanna, then it was Devi's, and then there was Lotus, but it was never Fierce.

Finally, the fateful day arrived. To Fierce I go! I was actually expecting a line, no idea why though. When we reached there, sure, there was hardly a parking spot (parked illegally by the side of someone's house, the legal ones were fully occupied). Fierce on the other hand was almost empty, only one table had occupants.

I wanted to try the Thosai Nutella but to my dismay, they did not have it. Banana leaf thali it was then. When it arrived, there was no sign of banana leaf at all. There was the rice, with a piece of salted fried chilli there in the middle. Surrounding the rice were the vegetables of the day. It was served with rasam, and curry and dhal. It was priced at RM10. I also had the chicken masala, which was RM8.

I have always been the kind who chooses her vegetables, and very picky when it comes to that, if I must add. Imagine my disappointment when I could not decide which vegetables to put on my plate, and of what quantity. That may have clouded my judgement. The only vegetables I enjoyed was the bitter gourd. The rest was a miss with me.

My friend seemed to like it though, but did not enjoy the bitter gourd as much as I did. We thought the chicken masala was alright too. All in all, the banana leaf thali was pretty decent, though it was slightly more expensive as compared to the eateries in Telawi. I would come back to try the Thosai Nutella, if they will ever have it, but I think I am sticking to staying in Telawi for my banana leaf rice fix.