Came across Dim Sum House 点心站 situated at 1G Yio Chu Kang Road whilst being in the area; a relatively new casual eatery serving up dim sum and congee that had taken over the former premises of now-defunct Yi Hao Gui Lin Mi Fen 壹号桂林米粉 (some may also remember the space being the now-defunct Ding Ding Man).

Whilst most of the items were pretty decent, the Pan-Fried Carrot Cake with Waxed Meat was an item that stood out a little more than the rest in terms of flavour — quite liked how the carrot cake comes savoury especially with bits of waxed meat that helps to also provide some bite and a contrast of flavours, though the texture felt a little limp and soft considering how the carrot cake was not quite firm enough to hold itself in between the chopsticks; just simply disintegrating with the slightest squeeze.

A spot with its own hits & misses, though probably somewhere that residents in the area might head to as an option for affordable dim sum in the area.