I've been a fan of Sichuan food ever since dining around Chinatown with my PRC classmates when I was in Boston, who exposed me Sichuan cuisine over my one year spent there. Yesterday, I discovered that Silkroad at Amara serves Sichuan food with the authentic taste that I was accustomed to.
Pictured are (prices before 20% discount):
1. Sliced Beef and Tripe with Spicy Sauce* ($14)
2. Twiced Cooked Sliced Pork with Leek ($22)
3. Traditional Sichuan Spicy Diced Chicken* ($22)
4. Wok Fried French Beans ($18)
5. Mapo Tofu ($18)
(Swipe for the original packaging it came in).
The two dishes with * are what I think you should order. The beef tripe are soft and slippery, drenched in the spicy sauce. The spicy diced chicken was well-fried in lots of chilli, that my neighbor Victor also thought it was fierce enough.
Moreover, you can also order from our various outlets at Amara Hotel Singapore, and that means you can have eclectic offerings from East to West to Local by ordering from Silkroad, Element, and Cafe Oriental all at the same time.
One more point - they've the lowest delivery fee of $5, which is waived for a low total order of $50++. Also remember the discount code - TAKEAWAY20 and DELIVERY10.