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PRICE: $6 (good for 1 person)
*Charges by weight, not portion*
*Minimum spending of $6 applies*
*No charge for base*

WAITING TIME: 5 minutes on a weekday night past 10pm

Beyond the usual three levels of spiciness, they offer 'Super Hot 变态辣'. Ordered this. Got warned of its hotness. Still ordered this level because recently the 大辣 at other MLXG shops have been FAILING me.

It came full of dried chillies and chill padis and chilli seeds.

Definitely hot. I was impressed and happy.

It was however not numbing and lacks fragrance because there was no peppercorn. Pity.

I finished the bowl like a warrior. That night and the next morning I had a burning stomach and made trips to the toilet.

Yes. HA HA HA.