Eat simi: Brown Sugar Peanut Pancake
Eat how much: $2
Eat which store: Baotianxia
Eat where: People's Park Complex, Chinatown
Eat nice not: 2.3/5
I love how it was piping hot when i first got it 🔥 The flakey exterior crust was contrasted by the doughy bread-like interior holding the fillings together. I enjoyed how this pancake was not too greasy! 👍 It also comes with thick chonky pieces of peanuts, very ideal for people who enjoys chunky nuts!! It also has an adequate amount of sweetness, similar to those in less sweet red bean buns.
I was rather let down by the lack of fragrance despite the addition of sesame seeds. The crust was also rather thick with a 3:1 crust to filling ratio, thus resulting in it tasting quite surfeit even after a few bites. Definitely best eaten when shared between two people. 👭 Would be cool if the sugar was molten in the bun too. :/
If you are a carby-person and miss sweet snacks from china, this would be an acceptable compensation for the lack of travel due to covid. 😗 I'd also recommend the other savoury buns and pancakes which i enjoy! 🤭
IG: @eat_simi