Cinnamon ice with dates, pine nuts, Mint. Sounds simple but it absolutely wasn't. There's body, i dont even understand where from, and it's mildly but sufficiently sweet. It's alr so good on its own, the temperature and the bits of ice were perfect, but the different toppings really worked spectacularly with the Cinnamon to create new aroma. Phenomenal

This place is a relevation. I havent had royal korean Cuisine anywhere, and i have to say this is the best korean ive ever had, anywhere in the world. I doubt this is the standard for all korean royal Cuisine anyway, but it's worth visiting even if you just want kbbq. At 55nett per pax, I'm almost convince they're losing money, for the quality of food they're putting out

2 caveats. First is that service was noticeably slower once the restaurant fills up, and the staff were hectic. Second is that ive seen reviews about how the meat is the best thing here. That's exactly the opposite of the truth, the meat is of high quality but is honestly the least impressive thing here, the rest of the courses are exceptional. I guess it takes a certain level of appreciation, if you're just wolfing down the other courses because you only really care about the meat, then i advice you to not waste the food here and dine somewhere else. This place serves royal Cuisine and really deserves the attention as such, it really pains me that hardly any reviews comment about the quality of the sides.

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