Take Burppler Louise Lee's word when he says this trendy joint flaunts "tasty Vietnamese food and good ambience". Highly recommended by the community is the Aromatic Grilled Lemongrass Chicken & Crispy Spring Roll (RM14.90), featuring a generous bowl of vermicelli, fresh veggies and meats with tasty sweet chilli sauce for dipping or mixing – you decide. Meat lovers, tuck into the signature Melbourne-style Medium Rare Sliced Beef (from RM16.90) with eight-hour boiled beef broth chock-full of imported Aussie beef slices. You’ll also find dishes with flavours close to home like the super spicy and addictive Hearty Attack Fried Rice (RM17.90) topped with a perfect fried egg.
Photo by Burppler Blueskies Cottonclouds