Tok Tok Beef Soup is one of the stalls that we find ourselves visiting relatively often as compared to some of the other stalls when we are having lunch at the Food Garden food court at Asia Square — the stall perhaps being notable for being run by the same folks that are behind other standalone restaurants such as that of South Union Park, Eleven Strands, and Restaurant Mia which we all love. Tok Tok Beef Soup does stand out from the other establishments run by them however; the only one that is being based out of a food stall within a food court, one thing we especially liked about Tok Tok Beef Soup would be their broth for their soup noodles — okie that has a particular tomato-based note that is almost like an infusion of Borsch soup into the traditional beef soup. That being said, it does seem that Tok Tok Beef Soup had recently brought back its steamed bun offerings — something which was introduced in their menu during their initial period of opening, though had since disappeared from its menu after a while. Offering a good range of different types of meats for their range of steamed buns, some of the variants of the steamed buns include Mala Sliced Beef, Teriyaki Chicken and Chicken Cutlet.

Having skimmed through the various steamed bun offerings which they have to offer, it is needless to say that we found ourselves going for the Braised Pork Belly Steamed Bun. The Braised Pork Belly Steamed Bun can be said as somewhat of a fusion of what some will call a Gua Bao (i.e. Taiwanese Steamed Pork Bun) with a bit of a Vietnamese infusion. The entire appearance of the Braised Pork Belly Steamed Bun is no different from the Gua Bao; the steamed bun coming in the format of a lotus leaf bun that is stuffed with pickled vegetables, coriander and slices of pork belly in between. Taking a bite into the Braised Pork Belly Steamed Bun, we liked how the buns were not too wet or soggy having with soaked with moisture — something that might be of a concern with dishes featuring lotus leaf buns elsewhere. The braised pork belly is really wonderfully braised; absorbed much of that savoury-sweet goodness from the braising liquid that made it so flavoursome, while the texture is incredibly melt-in-the-mouth having seemingly been prepared through the sous-vide process — this was definitely the highlight considering how much of the flavours of the Braised Pork Belly Steamed Bun just came from here. The braised pork also did not carry any undesirable porky stench as well. The addition of coriander helps to cut through a bit of those meatiness and savouriness of the braised pork with its distinct notes, while the pickled vegetables provided a crunchy tang that refreshes the tastebuds. The steamed buns at Tok Tok Beef Soup are going for $4.50 per bun irregardless of the meat option, though one can opt for a set of two buns (different meat options inclusive) at $8.50 or a set of three (different meat options inclusive) at $12. Overall, a pretty decent light bite to have for those whom do not intend to have something too heavy for lunch.