Have you heard of Tuck Kee Ipoh Sar Hor Fun situated right in Hong Lim Market? Their famous Crayfish Prawn Horfun was first introduced to me by my dad since many years ago when I was still a kid. I still remembered how fresh and sweet the crayfish was back then. And i always wondered what secret ingredients have they used in their sauce that makes the whole dish so yummy and delicious. Many years later and after Hong Lim Market have undergone a renovation, so glad that I managed to drop by the stall again recently. The never ending queue still remains and the taste of the crayfish horfun stays as delish and nostalgic. Thick gooey savory sauce paired with medium size fresh, crunchy crayfish and succulent few pieces of prawns at only $7 still remains as THE ONE I'll go for whenever I have a craving! #hawkerpedia