From this new stall at Chong Pang Food Centre named Blessing Seafood White Bee Hoon that sells different varieties of Lala White Bee Hoon; think Crayfish, Sliced Fish and Flower Crab variants. A rather generous portion for small at $5, the white bee hoon here is slightly different from the one at You Huak Restaurant/The White Restaurant — instead of a Hor Fun-like gravy served at the latter, this features a slightly more flavourful version of what would be expected of a bee hoon soup especially with its more liquid soup. Ingredients were actually rather fresh especially for the sliced fish, and the fried garlic helps add a little texture to the dish. The chili does help to flavour the soup a bit if one requires a little bit more flavour — its tanginess and spiciness definitely helps to amp things up quite a bit for the bee hoon.