ould only find 2 reviews on this on the net but i decided to take the risk & try her out bc i couldn’t stop thinking about her (also bc im getting sick of bun-shaped bread so i thought i should get my yam bread cravings satisfied through a loaf this time) and oh. my. god. this bread is amazing. the bread is so soft & fluffy, and is already nice to eat on its own, but the taro included inside + the almond flakes at the top just elevates the taste 😍😍😍 the taro is slightly sweet but still good & natural tasting, & although there’s v little taro per slice i still felt satisfied?? idk probably bc the white bread is good too so im just satisfied with the entire thing hehe. the almond flakes add a fragrant nuttiness to the bread!! glad i took the risk (this is why i like taking risks sometimes, life just surprises you like that) & ill defo buy this again in future <3