Jing Tai Lan (the Chinese forcloisonné) is a unique art form featuring a combination of sculpture, painting, coppersmith work and porcelain craft. Lee Kwang Kee Teochew Cuisine brings this form of art to diners in the form of their fish head steamboat, with the cloisonné decorated on the steamboat.

Served with a platter of vegetables, egg floss, enoki and sliced red grouper. The steamboat is packed with ingredients such as red grouper fish head, Chinese cabbage, beancurd and taro. The initial broth was slightly bland but it gets flavourful after throwing in those ingredients on the platter. The sliced fish was thickly sliced, fresh and succulent. I always remember this place when I feel like having authentic Teochew fish porridge or steamboat back in my old hood 》$85 / Medium

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