UPDATE OMG THEYRE NOT KIDDING, IT'S REALLY PATAGONIAN TOOTHFISH. At first I tot their translation is wrong due to the price. Patagonian toothfish at 17bucks is an absolute steal!!!! It sells for 60+ a plate at upscale restaurants. Given the texture though I'm not surprised, ridiculously fatty. MUST TRY!!!!!!!! This translation is definitely accurate, I checked w my Japanese teacher

the stall translate as toothfish, which is probably wrong?? It's definitely not silver cod tho, that is gindara

The first mouthful was absolutely life changing. If there's a fish equivalent of A5 wagyu, this is it. It melts in your mouth, quite literally. So incredibly fatty and cloud-like, but the oil does get jelat after a while. The sweetness of the saikyoyaki pairs q well with the fish, though after a few bites there's a bit of bitter aftertaste, which combined with the fattiness of the fish, makes it jelak. Get this to share, and you'll be very, very happy. I didn't queue for this but I imagine it would be worth the 20-30mins queue. Must try!