A bite out of a strip of chicken cutlet fried prior and it's breading chews a crackling crisp. Salty is the batter, savoury is the meat; tender pink and juicy it is. Spoon up steamed rice drenched in starchy, slightly sweet curry. And it's of the more flavourful variety, with a bit of spice and a touch of heat. A well-fried 🍳 it comes with. Your fork spears into soft, stewed cabbage drizzled over with an appetizingly sweet braising sauce. Simple and saver-friendly, it's a satisfying plate for a 🍛 fix in the mall.
The portions of this Chicken Cutlet Hainanese Curry Rice ($4.80 ala carte) runs small but if you need, go grab a snack. You're spoilt for choice all around and you've now got leftover lunch money (I hope, at least).