If it’s up to me to choose, I will say to go for both of them! The Chicken Dum Biryani ($6.50) is the version that we are all familiar with, in which the marinated chicken is cooked together with the basmati rice while the Chicken Mandi Biryani ($6.50) is not commonly seen elsewhere. What makes the mandi unique is that the rice is cooked in a mandi spice mixture and separate from the chicken. Upon each order, the chicken is then blow-torched to give it a smoky aroma and charred flavour. Just the appearance and colour alone is able to distinguish both biryanis and each is served with a different condiment. The mandi comes with a side of yogurt and green chilli chutney, the latter very similar to the Thai green chilli sauce, while the dum briyani comes with a dhal and a chutney that I suspect is made from plums. Overall, an excellent go-to for biryanis which you will surely feel satisfied and fulfilled at the end of the meal.
📍Café Mariam
116 Changi Road, Unit 01-02, Singapore 419718