The idea of selling specialty cinnamon rolls was conceptualized during the circuit breaker by Wilbert Tedja, who underwent months of R&D to finally launch five sweet flavours, three savoury combinations and the limited edition Sweetheart Cinnamon Roll that was created for Valentine’s Day and available till February 14. The brand’s unique proposition is the soft and fluffy dough, made from two variants of flour, rolled, shaped and baked to a precise temperature and timing. If you have a sweet tooth, you can enjoy these options such as the Classic Cinnamon ($3.40), Cinnamon Apple ($3.40), Cocoa Orange ($3.40), Hazelnut Rocher ($3.40) and Sweet Cheese ($3.10) or go for the savoury ones such as Garlic Onion Cheese ($3.40), Hawaiian ($3.90) and Japanese Curry ($3.90). What’s special for their savoury rolls is that you can embark on a trip to Korea, Italy or Japan with the flavour combinations that originated from these countries.

My favourite will be their sweet variations especially the Classic Cinnamon which is made with molasses sugar and Grade A cinnamon sourced from Korintje, Indonesia that is topped with cream cheese frosting. The other sweets such as Cinnamon Apple mimics eating an apple pie while the Cocoa Orange has a nice balance of the cocoa complementing with the tangy orange.
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