Flipping through the menu and I noticed that they have many stir fry dishes, including the chicken rice that most people go there for. As their roasted chicken was sold out for the day, we got the traditional Hainanese poached chicken, which was perhaps my preferred choice these days. From my seated position, I am able to see that the staff actually submerge the cooked chickens into a cold water bath before it gets hung up, waiting to be chopped. This dipping into cold water stops the chicken from cooking further and results in a gelatinous layer underneath the skin, which is commonly found in Hainanese chicken rice. Overall, not the best I’ve eaten, but definitely a decent one.
✨ Chin Chin Eating House
📍 19 Purvis Street, Singapore 188598
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Try the Hainanese pork Chop and the Hainanese chap Chye instead . Those are really good .