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Finally made a trip down to the highly raved creamery! The ice cream is stored in traditional pozzetti to ensure its freshness. We went for a double scoop ($7.60) - the first had pistachio (+$0.70) and green tea with roasted rice (+$0.70) whilst the other had pistachio (+$0.70) and coconut with pandan. Also had them served on a waffle cone (+$1)! The pistachio was rich in flavour and I particularly enjoyed the small bits of nuts. The green tea with roasted rice tasted exactly like the Korean rice tea I love, especially with its smokey taste. The coconut pandan was reminiscent of kaya and extremely rich, but I found the sweetness cloying after a while. Serving only 8 flavours daily, I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a chocolate-based flavour on rotation that day. In addition, the price is rather steep ($10 for one cone alone after all the additional surcharges!) so I’m glad for the burpple beyond deal! But with its name inspired by the neurotransmitter, Dopa Dopa sure brings happiness :-)