Expected it to be impeccable but sadly nah. I can’t rmb the full names of the dishes but here we go:

Beyond only applied to 4 dishes — Scottish blue mussels, prawn capellini, risotto and sea bass. So we ordered those, plus lamb and a bread and butter pudding.

1. Scottish blue mussels in white wine
It was ok, quite enjoyable. Served with sourdough.

2. Prawn capellini
Hard undercooked noodles......... :(

3. Risotto
Hard undercooked risotto................. It’s a no. The mussels and prawns were okay though.

4. Sea bass and salad
It was okaay, nothing special imo.

5. Lamb
We had it well done so it was really tough.. Served with a few mushrooms and fried batter. Not worth for $32.

6. Bread and butter pudding
Yas. A bit smaller than I expected haha but it’s ok cuz quite sweet so eat too much will jelat

We also ordered English breakfast tea and orange juice. Costs $1 to refill the teapot. Water was also chargeable. Total bill was $132.