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(Part 1/3)

Came over for lunch on a Saturday as I had recently bought some Chope Vouchers. Overall, spent $53.80 for 2 pax. With the Chope Voucher ($25 discount), comes up to $14.40 / pax. The restaurant itself was very elongated with a sleek modern minimalistic design and just a hint of Japanese decor.
Each main (The rice bowls that we ordered) comes with a side of House Salad and a cup of (refillable) roasted hot/iced green tea. Felt that the dressing for the house salad was too sour making the salad less appetising but the flavour of the roasted tea was very pronounced and hence very enjoyable to drink.

Salmon Mentaiko Bowl ($14.80)
- Comes with 2 pieces of salmon belly that had a layer of mentaiko sauce, an onsen egg, bits of lettuce and seaweed on top of a bed of white rice
Unfortunately, the rice itself was not the typical Japanese rice and was definitely not sticky. Without any sauce added to it, it was bland when eaten alone and with a significant serving of rice provided, the rice will highly likely be eaten alone after the other ingredients have been finished. Mentaiko salmon did have the mentaiko flavour that one would expect but felt that the salmon or the dish overall could have afforded more sauce, perhaps on top of the rice as well? Overall, I think that this dish could be improved by adding some form of sauce to the rice, using JAPANESE RICE, or having more toppings (Like the seaweed).
Taste: 5/10

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