It’s my first time stepping into Fat belly after hearing so much about it and it certainly didn’t disappoint. First of the ambience makes the perfect chill date after a long day of work. There were so many options to choose from but for the appetisers I settled on having the burrata cheese with sourdough. The vinaigrette went so well with the burrata cheese and sourdough. The sourdough was crispy yet fluffy, man left me wanting for more! The star of the show however is definitely the BEEF ✨🥩 I tried the Denver, and boy did it not disappoint. It was so tender, and came just the way I liked it- medium rare. They cut it well against the grain and each mouth you could feel the juice just bursting in your mouth. I was full, but my stomach still called for more when my eye caught hold of the desserts. I settled for the burnt cheesecake and it was BOMB. It paired so well with the strawberry jam as well as the biscuit crumble bits, the perfect way to end the night! Would recommend you going if you’re a huge beef lover because this was worth every penny!

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