Now you can have the best of both worlds for days you feel like having shellfish or meals that you want to enjoy with beef. Several of the beef versions of the jjamppong include the Beef Ro Ppong ($18.90), Beef Cha Ppong ($15.90), Beef Keu Ppong ($15.90) and Beef II Ppong ($15.90). Out of the four, I tried the Beef Ro Ppong which comes with wheat noodles in a tomato and cream sauce base topped with bulgogi beef and lots of mozzarella cheese for the cheesy pull. Very hearty and rich, you will be utterly satisfied and full by the end of the meal! If you are not feeling for noodles that day, there is also the Spicy Keu Beef Risotto ($18.90) of arborio rice that is cooked with a cream sauce and served with bulgogi beef, spinach and chilli oil.
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