You’ve probably heard/read about this 3-month old hawker stall serving hipster burgers at Tiong Bahru Market. A pretty striking concept amidst the local delicacies.

To start off, we had the signature cheese skirt beef burger, cos’ that’s what we came for. Look at that glorious cheese skirt, I couldn’t help biting into its crispiness before anything else, although it was extremely salty and I highly recommend you to eat it together with the burger as a whole. 😂 While I am not a beef eater, I stole a small bite off the juicy patty from the boyf. Texture and juiciness on point, and the minced beef resembled a handmade patty. But we were turned off by the burger buns that were dry, unlike the pillowy kind that we were expecting. Each set comes with 2 sides of your choice; Cajun fries, soup of the day or garden salad.