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This was the main draw of the day for me. BUNDT isnโ€™t near my workplace or house, so I made a special trip down to get these once I saw the banana brownies were available on the menu they posted yesterday night. Staying true to my word, I placed an order via DM on Instagram for these brownies, muffins and avo-toast last night too.

After quoting my Instagram handle, my food was prepared on the spot but my brownies were already neatly packaged in their brown paper wrapping. Compared to the peanut butter and pink salt or the double chocolate brownie flavours, I actually enjoyed the banana the most. It seemed to have the perfect balance of sweetness from the banana to match the semisweet black cocoa, plus this was the most moist thanks to the banana interior. Even my friend who doesnโ€™t like bananas did admit that this was a delicious brownie, and she enjoyed it despite the banana bits.

If you ever see this on the menu, go straight for it. I think the other double chocolate and peanut butter variants are more common and can wait, but the banana flavour is released once in a blue moon so snap it up quickly when you can!