NUS students at the Kent Ridge campus may be all too familiar with Reedz but this is a GODSEND to us tucked away behind the Botanic Gardens. Here's my chicken salad ($5.90 nett) consisting of chunks of grilled chicken on a base of lettuce, and topped with capsicum, carrot, chickpeas, onions and feta (choice of cheddar, parmesan or feta). Somedays they have edamame too. You can choose the toppings you want, and I asked for extra capsicum and onion (hohoho) and left out the canned pineapple and orange. As for dressings, there are Caesar, Thai Mango Chili, South Asian and Balsamic Vinegar. I chose the Thai, which tasted just like Thai chili sauce so it wasn't that impressive. There's usually a decent portion of chicken, but a nice middle-aged uncle served me today and he gave me LOADS of chicken. Enough for 2 salads! Yup, so the point of this review is to look out for this friendly server when you visit Reedz ;) A minor gripe: oil from the chicken sometimes pools at the bottom of the bowl so you get some oily leaves urgh.